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Due to the increase of sample request, Texas America Safety Company has been forced to somewhat restrict the supply of free samples. We understand there is a need to view and use some products prior to purchasing and will do the best we can to supply samples with the following conditions:

Samples need to be emailed or faxed over with the company name, address, contact name, and phone number. At this time, we are not able to take sample orders over the phone.

Products that cost over $10.00 per unit cannot be sent as a sample. You would need to purchase this product and if it doesn't work out, we can accept a return and issue back a full credit on the product.

We are unable to send samples by Air shipping. If you have a company UPS or FED-EX number we can send the sample by Air using your account number.

Not all the products on the website have samples available. For example, protective clothing products are direct shipped from the factory and are generally harder to come by. We can request samples from them, but cannot guarantee the supplier will ship them.

Here is a list of product lines and the likelihood of getting samples. Keep in mind $10.00 product cost is the maximum amount.

  1. Safety glasses in stock
  2. Ear plugs in stock
  3. Hard hats in stock
  4. Ergonomic product samples are not available.
  5. Protective clothing products samples sent at factories discretion.
  6. Gloves are mostly in stock
  7. Standard Safety vests in stock

If you are requesting samples of different sizes, color, or other options of the same product, we will do the best we can to get the option you need. However, we might not be able to get the exact item. For example, if you wanted sizes SM, Med, LG, and XL of a particular item we might only be able to send a size Large to examine. If we break up a case to send a sample, we have really no way to sell the remainder of the box.

We will work with you as best as we can on fulfilling the sample requests. One way or the other, we will reply back letting you know what we can help you out with. Once again, we appreciate the opportunity to supply your safety needs.

For sample products please complete this form:
Business Name
Shipping Address

Phone Number
Fax Number
E mail

What would you like a sample of?

What are typical quantities you would be ordering for the sample product?

Approximately how many people are in your organization?

Special Instructions
Security Code

Please type the security code you see in the image above into the box below:

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Texas America Safety Company is offering free ground shipping over $500.00 on most of our products. This special applies to all products except gloves, rainsuits, and Gatorade due to the extreme weight of these items.