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Due to the popularity of the Hellraiser hard hats, Jackson Safety Products has introduced their line of Hellraiser Safety Glasses.
These glasses really show some attitude.
They are a lightweight and comfortable design with a Hellraiser logo on the right side.

Be the first on the jobsite to wear these great safety glasses.

Features of the Hellraiser Safety Glases Include
  • Extreme Lightweight Design
  • High Performance Dual Polycarbonate Lens
  • 8 Base Curve
  • Flex Point Temples for Comfort and Stability
  • Stylish Frame with Hellraiser Logo
  • Meets Z87.1+
  • 99.9% UV Protection
Complies with ANSI Z89.1, 2003, Type 1 Class E Standards

HellRaiser Welding Helmet With Standard Shade 10 Lens

  • Narrow shell design is perfect for work in tight spaces and weighs only 13.8 ounces
  • Extended front increases throat protection against sparks, slag, and fumes
  • Standard shade 10 filter plate and cover plates installed at factory
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards

Hell Raiser Welding Helmet With Pro V™ EQC® Lens

Jackson Products maintain their status by providing state of the art eye protection with Auto-darkening electronic filter helmets available in the fastest switching speeds possible.

  • HTLS, High Transmission Light State
  • Fastest switching speed available
  • Autosense, consistent performance
  • Active, independent light sensors
  • Low battery warning
  • AA batteries, solar assistance extends battery life
  • Adjustable lens shade, 9 through 12
  • 4-1/2" x 5-1/4" lens size.

HellRaiser Welding Helmet With NexGen™ EQC® Lens
  • Intellisense™ technology allows unit to detect welds less than 5 amps
  • Four redundant sensors in a staggered design eliminate blocked sensors
  • Unit has auto shut-off after 60 minutes in torch and grind modes.Weld mode has a 20 min. auto shut-off.
  • Versatile cartridge fits in most 4" x 5" vertical windows
  • Replaceable lithium batteries
  • Smart View™ LCD for fingertip control information
  • Low battery indicator
  • 3N1™ technology allows three modes of operation:weld (shades 9-13), grind (3), or torch (5)
  • Standard size outer cover plate
  • Soft touch control panel eliminates contaminants and protects from the outside environment
  • 9 square inches of viewing area and four sensors
  • New! Protective coating shields EQC from extreme electromagnetic interference.
  • New! Integrated ClimaSensors™ registers ambient temperature three times per minute and adjusts EQC shade accordingly to ensure a true welding shade.
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ standards

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