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Mechanix Leather CG40-75 Gloves
Mechanix Leather CG40-75 Gloves
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Mechanix Fabricator MFG-05 Gloves
Mechanix Commercial Grade CG Series Gloves
Mechanix CG40 Heavy Duty Leather Glove

There are some jobs that you just can't settle for anything but the best. For those looking for the best, we've developed the CG40 Heavy Duty Glove, our top-of-the-line glove for the workforce requiring the ultimate protection against impact, abrasion and fatigue. Mechanix Wear CG Impact Pro gloves are specifically designed to help you get through long days on the job. This product is perfect for Personal Protective Equipment PPE and or Safety Equipment.

  • Low profile wrist cuffs allow for a full range of motion when mobility while handling tools is key.
  • Complete protection for the top of the hand where abrasions and impacts are common is offered by flexible molded rubber ribbing.
  • Manufactured with Genuine Leather and durable Clarino Synthetic Leather for protection with longevity while offering great comfort for the hand.
  • Multi-zone palm padding increases protection, reduces overall wear and protects vulnerable pressure points to reduce the amount of fatigue and help you last when dealing with projects that require large amounts of time and effort.
  • Handle the toughest punishment your job can dish out.
  • Professional Grade Protection
Mechanix Glove Sizing Chart
By keeping work gloves readily accessible, Glove Guard® has reduced recordable hand injuries by 96%.
Mechanix CG40 Heavy Duty Leather Glove
Item # Description Retail
Size - Quan.
x-CG40-75 Commercial Grade 4.0 Style
Mechanix Gloves
$34.00 $27.00

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