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Mechanix Original Gloves
Mechanix Original Gloves
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Mechanix Original Plus Gloves
Mechanix Original Gloves

Original Gloves are used by more professional mechanics than any other glove in the world. The Mechanix Original Gloves are offered in a variety of colors, and range from sizes SM-2XL. The Mechanix Wear Original Glove is the top all-around glove, maximizing fit, control and protection. This is why it is the most popular Mechanix style available.

Mechanix Wear Original gloves are made to handle the roughest work and be able to be used time after time. The Original Gloves proudly display the iconic Mechanix Wear scatter print logo, a true sign of a quality glove!

Features Include:
  • Available in nine cool colors and has sizes to fit most hands
  • Material: Two way stretch spandex, Cuff Material: Elastic, Palm Material: Clarino OW-927 synthetic leather
  • Repels 25% more water and oil than previous models
  • Two-way stretch Spandex padded top features form-fitting elasticity that provides a very secure fit on the hand.
  • Clarino palm provides firm grip while being supple, breathable, and durable.
  • NEW! Narrower elastic cuff for added comfort and fit.
  • NEW! Re-designed fingertip pattern reduces seams and enhances fingertip sensitivity to provide less snagging and a better feel while using these gloves.
  • NEW! Lycra panels between fingers for added comfort and mobility.
  • NEW! Ultra-thin TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) pull-tab with hooks and loop closure provides comfort and adjustability while keeping debris from entering the glove.
  • Smooth surface thumb and index finger point of contact improves handling.
  • Concealed interior seam stitching prevents snagging when the hand enters or exits the glove.
  • Dual-layered fingertips and thumb for reduced wear and increased protection when dealing with rough surfaces.
Great For:
  • Tactical/Special Operations
  • Shooting
  • Mechanic's work
  • Heavy equipment maintenance and handling
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Armored vehicle maintenance
  • Weapons handling
  • Logistics operations
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Search and Rescue Operations
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mechanix glove sizing chart

Comfortable Fit
Two-way stretch Spandex top for the ultimate in comfort and fit.
Seamless Palm
Single layer seamless palm for improved fit and dexterity

Item # Description Retail
Size - Quan.
x-MG-01 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-02 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-03 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-05 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-06 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-09 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-71 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-72 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00
x-MG-55 Mechanix Original Glove
$18.50 $15.00

The Safety Original High Visibility

The Safety Original is top of the line in performance, comfort, and safety in industrial environments. Mechanix wear is very serious about the safety industry even-though it has made its name in motor sports. The versatile Original Glove fits numerous tasks where all-around utilization and protection is essential. Using the most advanced materials and technologies available, we constantly update the Original series glove. Industry professionals need a glove that is made to fit their needs.

  • Comes in Orange and Yellow
  • High Visibility
  • The All New Clarino synthetic leather is custom colored to match the rest of the glove, which offers exceptional visibility and maintains the outstanding qualities expected from Clarino
  • To offer reduces snagging and a greater feel, the Safety Original has redesigned fingertip patterns that lessens seams and boosts fingertip sensitivity.
  • For extra comfort and mobility, Lycra panels have been placed between the fingers.
  • For extra comfort and a more secure fit, a narrower elastic cuff has been created.
  • Providing comfort and adjustability while keeping fragments from entering the glove, the Ultra-thin TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) pull-tab with hook-and-loop closure design has been placed on this glove.
  • Flexible, breathable, and sturdy Clarino palm provides a solid grip.
  • For lower wear and amplified protection when dealing with abrasive surfaces, dual-layered fingertips and thumb has been designed.
  • Two-way stretch spandex padded top features form-fitting elasticity that offers a secure fit and keeps the glove from loosening.
  • The thumb and index finger point of contact provides improved handling by having a smooth exterior.
  • Snagging is prevented when putting on or taking off the glove by concealed interior seam stitching.
  • Index finger knuckle reinforcement band is for added strength and protection.
  • All-Purpose Glove
  • Perfect for Performance, Comfort, and Safety in Construction, Mining, Industrial, and Hunting Areas.

Mechanix Original Glove
(Hi Viz Yellow)
Back View Palm View
Mechanix Original Glove
(Hi Viz Orange)
Back View Palm View
Item # Description Retail
Size - Quan.
x-SMG-91 Mechanix Original Glove
(Hi Viz Yellow)
$20.00 $16.50
x-SMG-99 Mechanix Original Glove
(Hi Viz Orange)
$20.00 $16.50
Mechanix Glove Sizing Chart
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